DWB111 - Propeller Nebula


image for a larger view

Image:  DWB111 - Propeller Nebula Scope - Mount:   Celestron Edge HD8 @ f/10 - Celestron CGE mount
Constellation:    Cygnus Camera:    QSI 583wsg
Imaged at:   Anza, CA Total Exposure Time:       3:30 total (LHaRGB) 
Date imaged:  June 5,, 2010 Approximate FOV:  28' x 20'
Guided?:  PHD w/SX Lodestar

Filters used:     L/R/G/B/Ha

DWB111 is a very faint emission nebula in Cygnus, and part of a larger nebula complex.  It's location is approximately: RA=20h 16m 18s, DEC= +43d 39' 35".  This nebula radiates mostly in Ha, and is very faint in other wave lengths.