Comet C2013 S1 ISON

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Image:  Comet C2013 S1 ISON Scope - Mount:   Celestron Edge HD11 @ f/7 - Celestron CGE mount
Constellation:     n/a Camera:    QSI 583wsg
Imaged at:    Anza, CA Exposure Times:     1 Lum at 5m, 1 RGB each at 5m
Date imaged:  Nov. 2, 2013 Approximate FOV:  31' x 24'
Guided?:  PHD w/SX Lodestar

Filters used:     L/R/G/B

Additional Information:  Comets orbit the Sun in either the Kuiper Belt or the Oorg Cloud, which are located far past the planets.  They will come close to the sun once in a while if their orbit is distrubed by some large mass, such as Saturn or another gas giant.  This comet disintegrated rounding the sun.