Comet 252P Linear

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Image:  Comet 252P Linear Scope:    Celestron Edge HD11 @ f/2 (HyperStar)
Constellation:    (varies)  Camera:    QHY8
Imaged at:   Temecula, CA; Total Exposure Time:      1 @ 5 minutes
Date imaged:  April 3, 2016  Approximate FOV:   144' x 96'
Guided?:   Yes Filters used:     (none) 
Additional info:  Comet 252P Linear originated in the Kuiper Belt but now has an elliptical orbit that takes it close to earth.  This isn't one of the more interesting comets because, among other things, there's no tail! This is typical of many periodic comets (those that come around every few years).